Welcome to T.R.I.

Thank you for visiting us and greetings from the beautiful state of Arizona. My name is Jerry Garcia and I am the owner, producer and songwriter for our label based in the city of Tempe. My goal with every artist and client that puts their trust in me is to support and collaborate with all creative aspects and just as important help them with industry education and legal registration of the original musical works we release. 

One if the things I enjoy is to bring out the best out of each artist not just with their vocal recording but also challenge them to explore new genres and sounds that will get them excited in their future additions of their musical catalog.  My background consists of roots from Colombia and Mexico in addition to originally showing up one random day to this planet in the city of Chicago :)

Many clients reach to me because they know I strive to blend sounds from many countries around the world and combine them with the commercial sound and "Thump" in order to create a project that will be attractive to the new listener with lyrics that hopefully will keep the song on "repeat".    

I look forward to knowing more about you and feel free to reach out to us by phone at 888-883-4446 or by email at Jerry@tamboraartists.com. You can also use our contact page on our website and we will respond to you as soon as possible. 

Have a smooth day! - Jerry Garcia "Tambora CEO"